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Portrait Sessions


-family, maternity, lifestyle, headshots
-1 hour
-minimum of 50 edited images
-online gallery with high resolution images
-downloading and printing rights

Wedding Package One


-6 hours of coverage
-complimentary engagement session
-minimum of 300 edited images
-online gallery with high resolution images
-downloading and printing rights

Wedding Package Two


-8 hours of coverage
-complimentary engagement session
-minimum of 400 edited images
-online gallery with high resolution images
-downloading and printing rights

Elopement Package


-complimentary engagement session
-minimum of 50 images per hour
-online gallery with high resolution images
-50 or less people and no wedding party


Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Michigan and I will also travel anywhere your love story takes us!

Can we order prints and albums?

Yes! I recommend ordering your prints directly through your gallery to have the highest quality of professional prints. (You are able to take your images elsewhere (like Costco, Walgreens, Shutterfly, etc) but you might notice a difference in color, quality, and sharpness.)

Do you give away RAW images? (Unedited images)

No, I do not give away RAW images. Editing is half of the magic that goes into the final images. The tones/color/lighting/etc. that I choose to edit in are apart of my style. I edit to enhance the emotions of the photos.

How do I book you?

A signed contract and a retainer needs to be completed to lock in your date. The retainer is non refundable and will be applied to your total balance. To get started, click the 'book a session' button below!

Is travel included in the package?

Travel is included within Michigan for all of my packages and shoots! Outside of MI, I require a round trip flight and an airbnb/hotel for 2 nights. (Ask me about my free travel locations!)

What is the benefit of a second shooter?

Second shooters are awesome because it allows the photographer (me) to be two places at once! Second shooters are super helpful with larger weddings where my second shooter can be hanging out with the guys getting ready, while I’m hanging out with the ladies getting ready! It gives you multiple different angles - like for your first look, or during the ceremony, or during the reception when I’m focused on you two & my second shooter is focused on all the guests!

Why should I have a wedding?

1. You want to celebrate with more than 10 of your friends and family members. Weddings typically tend to shift the focus of the day from being solely about the couple to include other factors, such as: the event itself, entertaining and obliging guests, and incorporating traditional elements.
2. Typically, couples who authentically desire a big, traditional wedding truly value having their communities with them on their day, being in the spotlight, and planning a memorable, exciting party to celebrate their wedding.
3. You love classic wedding traditions such as garter/bouquet toss, having a wedding party, and kissing every time someone taps their glass repeatedly.
4. If you have always dreamt of that fairytale wedding with the traditional ceremony, walking down the aisle and all your friends and family there to celebrate with you – a full large-scale wedding is probably the option for you.
5. A full wedding ceremony often feels more real and memorable. There is something so substantial about marrying the love of your life, surrounded by all of your friends and family. While some might think spending such a large amount of money on one day is frivolous, for others it is worth it. Your wedding day happens only once and if you want to make it extravagant and lavish, that is perfectly fine!

Why should I elope?

1. You want to marry your best friend in a location you both love. Eloping doesn't have to be somewhere "epic" like Iceland or Colorado. It can be somewhere special like your backyard, your favorite park, or a brewery you both love.
2. You want authenticity. If you have sat down to start planning your wedding and you realize nothing about big wedding plans feels right to you, maybe you should elope!
3. Less family drama. For lots of different reasons, some people don't get along or feel supported by family. But not everyone who elopes isn't close to their family. Couples that are extremely close love to elope because they get to spend more time with the people who truly love and support them.
4. You value experience over stuff. Sometimes people assume couples elope because they don't have the budget for a big wedding or because they're cheap which isn't true at all! These couples just want less stress, anxiety, and planning and more fun, happiness and attentiveness to each other.
5. You really care about photography and want to have more time for intimate portraits with your significant other. You don't have to worry about getting photos with a million different people because the focus of the day is on you!

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